Why Choose Willow Bank Primary

Willow Bank Primary values the relationships it holds with children, their families, the school and wider communities in order to secure the best outcomes for children at each stage in their primary learning journey.  We pride ourselves on our commitment to communication and inclusion for all and value the contributions made by our children’s parents and carers.  

We believe children learn best when:

  • learning activities are well planned and engaging, ensuring progress; 
  • high expectations are in place for all learners;   
  • teaching and learning activities enthuse, engage and motivate children and foster their curiosity and a life-long love of learning;   
  • assessment informs teaching so that there is provision for support, repetition and extension of learning for each child, at each level of attainment;   
  • the learning environment is ordered and used as the silent teacher, the atmosphere is purposeful, and children feel safe; 
  • there are strong links between home and school, and the importance of parental involvement in their children’s learning is recognised, valued and developed. 

Our bespoke curriculum is celebrated through Big Bang Days which provide the hook and engagement to children culminating in an end of term celebration whereby parents/carers are invited to attend class sharing assemblies.

We are also committed to providing a varied extra-curricular offer with an engaging, fun and ambitious programme of activities maximising our extensive school grounds.   

If you are interested in a place for your child, click here to go to our admission information page.


All the teachers and staff are fantastic. Very friendly and polite. Big smiles every morning . A very positive atmosphere at the school and this is totally down to the great team.

– Parent survey


My child loves going to school and always speaks highly of his teacher, TA and all the staff at Willow bank.

– Parent survey


Staff have always shown they are willing to help where they can.

 - Parent survey


The school keeps parents well informed with what is happening in the school.

- Parent survey