PTFA and Volunteering

At Willow Bank Primary School, we believe that strong, effective relationships with parents and carers is in the best interests of our children. We understand that our parents and carers know their child best; what engages and motivates them, their strengths, passions and interests. By combining parents’ knowledge of their child with staff’s expertise in teaching and learning, we can ensure the best outcomes for our children. 

Our school values the relationship it holds with the whole school community, and actively seeks to provide opportunities for these relationships to flourish. We seek to involve parents and carers in their children’s learning and education by sharing information about the curriculum that they are participating in.  As part of the curriculum philosophy, parents and carers are invited to help celebrate a new topic by preparing for Big Bang Days, sharing a curriculum overview which sets out a term’s learning and, ending in a celebration of learning whereby parents and carers are invited into the school for termly Sharing Assemblies.

We encourage parents and carers to tell us what support they feel they need and aim to provide information, whether through our newsletter, curriculum overviews or workshops.  Furthermore, parent consultation evenings provide an opportunity for parents and carers to learn more about their child/ren’s social/emotional and learning progress throughout the academic year.   

Our school is very fortunate to have a dedicated, enthusiastic and tireless PTFA who are current parents and carers of children in our school. Friends of Willow Bank work in partnership with the Headship Team and our Community Liaison Officer, to raise funds to support the school. The funds are used to enhance all the children's educational experiences by financing additional programmes and equipment. 

Friends of Willow Bank host fundraising events and initiatives throughout the school year, the proceeds of which are reinvested back into Willow Bank Primary School. All our events and initiatives are made possible by parent volunteers. 

 Our PTFA have a dedicated website page, Click here to visit and find out more them and about how you can support.

You can also follow them on Facebook for news and updates- click here to see their page and give them a follow!

We welcome parents and carers who may wish to further support our children more widely by providing regular support in the classroom, for example with reading or learning activities. We value particular knowledge, skills or expertise that many parents can provide to the benefit of our children, further broadening their experiences and aspirations. 

If you would like to volunteer your time, please do contact the school office and speak to our Community Liaison Officer.