Exec HT Claire Ingrams

Miss Claire Ingrams, Executive Head Teacher

Welcome to Willow Bank Primary School

Willow Bank Primary School, and our family of schools, has a duty to provide our children with the tools to access their learning, to grow socially and emotionally as well as academically.  Without these tools, the children that pass through the doors of our schools will not have the tools required for the journey that awaits them in their teenage, young adult and adult lives.

I would like to introduce myself as Executive Head Teacher working with Willow Bank Primary School and focusing on the development and subsequent opening of Lime Wood Free School.

It is my belief that children should come to school safe in the knowledge that their teachers and adults around them have their best interests at heart, that adults around them know what helps them to learn and what may hinder their learning.  I am committed to our aims that children who attend our family of schools will demonstrate that they are motivated and committed to their learning within a positive and caring atmosphere. 

 “Every child deserves an adult champion who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists they become the best they can be”

Rita Pierson, Educator

I am committed to ensuring that our curriculum and provision enables our children to be aspirational and motivated learners who have the confidence to question and discover whilst ensuring their independence as learners.  With this in mind, over the course of the year, it is my hope that your children will come home from school talking to you about their learning and the wonderful opportunities that they are enjoying in school.

Character Education and Metacognition/Growth Mind-set will be at the core of our curriculum ensuring that we build respectful citizens of the future.    There are many plans to support this development and throughout the year, you will hear terms such as; champions, thinking hats, skills and maps – all of these tools we are putting into place aimed at preparing your child for the future, socially, emotionally and academically. 

 ‘Revealing the Champion within’

Miss Claire Ingrams, Executive Head Teacher


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