Our Champions


 “Revealing the Champion within”

growing in our thinking, learning and feeling together 

“A champion is someone who strives to find out how great he or she can be …”

Our Trust’s values are based on the belief that every child has the ability to succeed. 

We are here to ensure that we fulfil our mission, “to reveal the Champion within” and this means for all of our children, families, staff and communities.

Some of us, and most especially the children and families we serve, do not realise that about themselves or indeed others…yet. We do not create champions, we reveal the strengths, gifts and skills they have and help them to develop and grow them.

That is the purpose of education and that is the purpose of Woodland Academy Trust. 

Thus, we grow in our thinking, learning and feeling together; through which we reveal the Champion within. 

We reveal the Champion within through:

  • Academic Entitlement
  • Character Education
  • Enrichment and Hub 

Our school champions can be viewed on our "Meet our Staff" page and we will be revealing the champion in everyone and celebrating all and every success and sharing our journey with you all.

Champions for all school websites


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