Thank you to London Children's Book Project

Throughout Spring 1st half term, our school has benefited from having a pop up book hut given to us via the charity, London Children's Book Project.  All of the books that children have chosen were given to us on a voluntary basis - it has been an absolute delight to see and hear children sharing their book choices, making suggestions and recommendations to each other and encouraging their friends to come and choose a book. 

The pop up book hut will be leaving our school in Spring 2nd - as it has been such a success and support in developing our Reading for Pleasure culture, our Premises Manager, Mr Hayden has been busy over the half term break building our very own so that we can continue the offer.

London Children's Book Project will continue to supply books when they can, however, to supplement these we are asking for anyone who has spare books they no longer need at home to donate them to us so that they can be recycled and loved in a new home. 





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