Race for Life Summer 2019

Let's teach Cancer a lesson!  Join us in our fundraising.

Fundraising Day – Monday 1st July 2019
We will be having a non-school uniform day on this date where children will have the option of coming to school in the Cancer Research UK colours of pink, white and blue, or in a sports kit. All we ask is for a suggested donation of £1 for every child to start our fundraising efforts. At lunchtime and after school on this day we will be running a variety of fundraising activities that we would love your children to come to.

EYFS and KS1 Event – Monday 15th July 2019
Our children from Reception to Year 2 will be taking place in an event on the school grounds to which you will be invited to attend and support your child. Some classes will be running in the morning and some will be running in the afternoon – further information to follow as soon as possible so please keep your eyes peeled for updates!

KS2 Event – Monday 8th July 2019
We will be inviting all children from Year 3 to Year 6 across all 4 schools in our Trust family to join us at Erith Sports Centre to celebrate community and combine their efforts as they all race alongside each other. Each year group will have a set time for parents and carers to attend for support, however due to capacity, we ask that you only stay for your own child’s race to allow other parents to have a seat for their child’s race. Further information and timetable to follow as soon as possible so please keep your eyes peeled for updates!

Any donations gratefully received - 

https://fundraise.cancerresearchuk.org/page/ northumberland-heath-primary-school


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